1. Self Growth
    "No one can change you but you." You've probably heard people say this before, and it's true, but like many of our truths it's incomplete. Just because nothing else can directly make you change, doesn't mean your environmental influences don't matter with regards to it. Outside influences affect our perception, and therefore our behavior. So, the more you are exposed to 'genuine' self growth, knowledge, expression, and behavior, the more likely it will rub off on you. You didn't learn to be who you are now on your own- not by a long shot- so don't think you'll be a better person without your surroundings helping you get there.
  2. Group Growth
    "There's no 'I' in team... but there should be several." Discounting individuality for a preconceived agenda greatly limits the ability to achieve that goal or even realize others. Whether it's a small group of individuals, or a large company meeting, I can lead you in a beneficial direction of change. Through honest and interactive communication a great deal becomes clear and possible. If we know what we want, and what holds us back, there are solutions to get ahead. I guarantee I can show you at least one path to do so- probably more- but it's not up to me whether you choose to carve it. I am open to speaking at most forums for free.

We, and only we, have this option in life: We can consciously determine to act based on information and desire we've thought about, or we can subconsciously act based on information and desire we absorbed and ignored.

Very often, it takes an outside force to remind us of the existence and impact of our apathy, and to show us the importance and possibility of our will.

I try to be that force for people, whether it's individually, or in a student or corporate environment.  I also recognize and appreciate that others are that force for me when we openly share and interact.  There are only two paths we can take in each given moment- I hope you'll give me a chance to show you both in order to guide you down the one that allows progress.

                                       CHOICE                                                                 CHANCE

                                               - CHANGE                                                                            - REPETITION
                                               - PROGRESS                                                                        - MONATONY
                                              - HONOR                                                                               - PRIDE
                                              - WILLPOWER                                                                    - FEAR
                                              - TEAMWORK                                                                    - ESCAPISM
                                              - UNITY                                                                                   - DIVISIVNESS
                                              - INDEPENDENCE                                                          - OPPOSITION 
                                              - PROBLEM-SOLVING                                                  - INDIFFERENCE
                                              - HOPE                                                                                   - DESPAIR
                                              - KNOWLEDGE                                                                - PRESUMPTION
                                              - ACHIEVEMENT                                                            - FAILURE